DEMETER is actually the fresh Olympian deity out-of agriculture, cereals and you may money

DEMETER is actually the fresh Olympian deity out-of agriculture, cereals and you may money


ACHAEA (Achaia), a good surname away from Demeter by which she was worshipped in the Athens because of the Gephyraeans who’d emigrated thither side Boeotia. (Herod. v. 61; Plut. Try. et Osir. p. 378, D.)

AMPHICTY?ONIS (Amphiktuonis), a good surname regarding Demeter, produced by Anthela, in which she was worshipped significantly less than so it label, because try the area from meeting with the amphictyons regarding Thermopylae, and since sacrifices was accessible to the woman during the beginning of all conference. (Herod. vii. 200 ; Strab. ix. p. 429.)

ANESIDO?RA (Anesidora), the latest spender from gift suggestions, a great surname made available to Gaea in order to Demeter, the second out-of exactly who had a temple under which identity at the Phlius within the Attica. (Paus. i. 31. § 2; Hesych. s. v.; Plut. Sympos. p. 745.)

ANTAEA (Antaia), a good surname out of Demeter, Rhea, and Cybele, probably represents a great goddess who child get means for the prayers. (Orph. Hymn. forty. 1; Apollon. i. 1141; Hesych. s. v.)

BRIMO (Brimo), the latest aggravated or even the terrifying, occurs since the a good surname of several divinities, such as for example Hecate or Persephone (Apollon. Rhod. iii. 861, 1211; Tzetz. advertisement Lycoph. 1171), Demeter (Arnob. v. p. 170), and you can Cybele. (Theodoret. Ther. i. 699.) New Scholiast with the Apollonius (l. c.) gives the second derivation from Brimo out of Bromos, so that it manage make reference to new crackling of the flame, due to the fact Hecate is conceived hit a burn.


CALLIGENEIA (Kalligeneia), an excellent surname regarding Demeter or regarding the woman nurse and you will companion, or regarding Gaea. (Aristoph. Thesm. 300, on the Schol.; Hesych. s. v.; Phot. Lex. s. v.)

CARPO?PHORI (Karpophoroi), the latest fruitbearers, an effective surname of Demeter and you can Cora, lower than which they was indeed worshipped at the Tegea. (Paus. viii. 53. § 3.) Demeter Carpophoros appears to have been worshipped in the Paros including. (Ross, Reisen auf den Griech. Inseln, i. p. 49.)

CHAMYNE (Chamune), a beneficial surname from Demeter within the Elis, which was derived both regarding environment which have opened (chainein) at that place for Pluto, otherwise from one Chamynus, in order to whom this building out-of a temple out-of Demeter at the Elis is actually ascribed. (Paus. vi. 21. § step one.)

CHLOE (Chloe), brand new flowering, a beneficial surname from Demeter the new protectress of green industries, who’d a haven during the Athens conjointly that have Ge Curotrophos. (Paus. i. twenty two. § 3; Eustath. advertisement Horn. p. 772.) This surname is likely alluded so you can when Sophocles (Oed. Col. 1600) calls this lady Demeter european union Chloos. (Comp. Aristoph. Lysist. 815.) Respecting the newest festival Chloeia, look for Dict. out-of Ant. s.v.

CHRYSAOR (Chrusaor). The latest goodness toward golden sword or fingers. Within feel it’s made use of as the a good surname or trait of numerous divinities, like Apollo (Hom. II. xv. 256), Artemis (Herod. viii. 77), and you can Demeter. (Hom. Hymn. during the Cer. cuatro.)

CHTHO?NIA (Chthonia), could possibly get indicate the fresh new subterraucous, or perhaps the deity of your environment sugardaddie randkowych aplikacje, which is, the fresh new protectress of your own industries, whence it is put since the a great surname away from infernal divinities, eg Hecate (Apollon. Rhod. iv. 148; Orph. Hymn. thirty five. 9), Nyx (Orph. Hymn. 2. 8), and Melinoe (Orph. Hymn. 70. 1), but especially off Demeter. (Herod. ii. 123; Orph. Hymn. 39. 12; Artemid. ii. 35; Apollon. Rhod. iv. 987.) Although the label, in the case of Demeter, hardly demands cause, yet , myths relates a couple of reports to help you make up they. Predicated on included in this, Clymenus and you can Chthonia, the children away from Phoroneus, founded at Hermione a refuge off Demeter, and you can entitled the lady Chthonia from the term of 1 of one’s creators. (Paus. ii. step 3.5. § step three.) According to an enthusiastic Argive legend, Demeter on her wanderings stumbled on Argolis, in which she is actually sick-acquired of the Colontas. Chthonia, their daughter, is upset along with her dad’s conduct, and you may, whenever Colontas and his awesome house was basically burnt from the deity, Chthonia is sent off by the the woman to help you Hermione, in which she based a haven so you’re able to Demeter Chthonia, and you will instituted the fresh festival of Chthonia in her own honour. (Paus. ii. thirty-five. § 3; Dict. off Ant. s. v. Chthonia.)